Volvo Group Merchandise Services is officially launched!

Volvo Group Merchandise Services is officially launched!

We are happy to welcome Volvo Group Merchandise Services as a member of the Parttrap ONE family!

VGMS (Volvo Group Merchandise Services) is an extension of the Volvo Group.

"We design, source and distribute merchandise for all Volvo brands and Renault Trucks to support the brand and enhance the customer experience."

All official Volvo Merchandise symbolizes the same care for quality, safety and the environment as when placed on trucks, buses or construction equipment. Their products are simply more than shirts, bags or watches. They are Volvo and Renault Trucks products. It requires knowledge, experience, purpose, testing, rethinking and, above everything else, making good on a promise to always meet the highest Volvo standards. This promise is kept in every seam of every shirt. It dictates the way bags are designed. And you can tell by the enthusiastic and proud expression of everyone working here that this promise is never forgotten.

VGMS have successfully launched B2B and B2C ecommerce sites using Parttrap ONE.

Visit Renault Trucks Official Merchandise Shop here

Visit Volvo Trucks Merchandise Store here

Visit Volvo Construction Equipment Merchandise Shop here


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