Parttrap ONE

eCommerce platform for

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX out of the box

Parttrap ONE is an All-in-one platform for B2B eCommerce with Real-Time integration to your ERP system.

The ERP integration makes sure that the information regarding customers and products along with all other business data relevant for an efficient eCommerce site is always up to date. In Parttrap ONE we utilize the ERP data directly, rather than managing the same data again in the eCommerce site. Parttrap ONE can read the relevant ERP data and also lets you enrich the data as needed to promote products or improve the user experience for your customers visiting the site.


Orders created in the eCommerce site should be saved into the ERP system immediately and thus allocate the ordered items in stock or schedule for production. Of course order number, prices and delivery time presented during the order entry should be correctly calculated and correspond to the final order created in Dynamics AX.

Parttrap ONE offers Standard Adapters to selected ERP systems. The Real-Time access to Dynamics AX utilizes the native API provided by Microsoft. This ensures full compliance with the business logic within Dynamics AX

Read more about Parttrap ONEs ERP-integrations here, or contact a Parttrap specialist directly.

Benefits of using Parttrap ONE with Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Real-Time integration out of the box
  • No need for any costly integration project
  • Proven and secure architecture
  • Deployment in the Cloud or On-Premise
  • Supports Dynamics business logic
  • Supports user defined tables and fields in Dynamics

Parttrap ONE accesses the following data from Dynamics AX:

  • Customers - customer details, terms and delivery addresses
  • Products - product data, stock availability
  • Orders - open & closed orders with order details and shipment tracking
  • Invoices - open and closed with payment information
  • Code Tables
  • Price & Discount structure
  • Language dependent data
  • User Defined Tables & Fields

Try it before you buy it!

To invest in an eCommerce solution is to most companies a strategic decision that has an impact on internal routines as well as relations with customers and partners. Such a decision should be based upon an evaluation of potential suitable systems in an environment where functionality and integration with the existing ERP system can be fully verified. By doing this you can avoid a costly investment in a system that might not deliver what was promised.

Parttrap offers a free evaluation of Parttrap ONE for qualified companies during a limited time period. The evaluation is conducted in Windows Azure with integration to your own Dynamics ERP system.

Clients using Microsoft Dynamics AX

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