Extended Features

Parttrap® ONE offers a range of out-of-the-box features available as Add-ons. We can also create new features based on your company’s specific needs.

Parttrap PIM+

For organizations working with product development or product updates with a project oriented approach, Parttrap offers an extension to our standard PIM solution. Parttrap® PIM+ supports product planning, assortment planning, project management, supplier instructions, BOM structures and more.

Create a Time Line to follow, set up projects and related tasks, assign tasks and follow up on progress. Define your products, organize your documents and build up your product information step by step until the products are ready for launch.

Order limit & Approval Management

Parttrap ONE Order limit & Approval module gives your users freedom to act within the limits you define and improves the efficiency and control of the ordering process. There are two available options

• Set an order limit on each order
• Give your user/users a pot amount to buy for

If a user exceeds its limit the order can either be denied or sent to a manager for approval.


Spare Parts Management

Ordering of spare parts often requires spare parts catalogs with exploded views and component lists distributed in paper format. Typically, these catalogs are never available when you need them and they are in many cases outdated.

Parttrap® Spare Parts Management is a convenient solution for keeping all spare parts information up-to-date and made available online via clickable pages. The user can easily locate the correct spare part, verify price and availability and order online with a click.

Quotation Management

If your sales force uses quotations when working with your customers, Parttrap® Quotation Manager is a great tool to assist with the quoting.

Prepare the quote in Parttrap® ONE and attach product sheets and other documentation including cover sheet, table of contents, product documentation and the actual quotation in one single PDF document.

The quote will be available online for the customer to review and acccept. Once accepted, the quotation will be converted into an order in your ERP system - ready to be shipped.



Value added services (VAS)

Traditionally, some services provided as a part of your offering have been
difficult to sell via web stores due to a high level of complexity.

For example, adding embroidery to a jacket or selling engraved products may require detailed specifications and an acceptance / approval process between customer and manufacturer.

Parttrap Product Profiling handles the complexity for you by providing the tools necessary.

Branded Sites

Let's say you are a manufacturer selling via resellers and you feel that you can increase sales by supporting your resellers' online initiatives.

How about setting up reseller sites with virtually no extra work, offering your products to their customers, branded with their profile?

You can also set up dedicated sites for your best customers, offering tailored services for their users. For example, you may set up a branded site for your customer's employees where they can log in and order customer specific products or services.


Store Locator

If you sell your products in your own or your reseller's physical stores, it is a good idea to offer a store locator in your site.

Search by zip code, city or via a map to find the nearest store.

Once a store has been selected, choose to pick up your ordered goods in the store or go to the store's site to place your order.

Each store can edit their detail page and provide updated information regarding opening hours etc.


Product Showroom

Some products require and deserve a professional presentation when sold online. If you need an interactive presentation of product design, characteristics or features, Parttrap® Showroom is the right tool for you.

Add clickable hotspots on your product images that activate pop-up information, images, videos or detailed business data for the product, its components or its options.


Claims & Returns Management

A solution that enables your customers to register claims and returns in an online form that collects all necessary details. Your customer service manages the errand through our Claim Manager and keeps the customer updated on their on-going errands through the Claims & Returns area on the site(s).

  • Register claims & returns on the site – registration form with mandatory or optional fields
  • Up to five predefined processes available
  • Approval process
  • Once the errand is complete – optional to create necessary credit orders in ERP (currently only for iScala)

Customized features

There are many standard add-ons available to choose from for the Parttrap ONE platform. However, in case you need a specific feature or functionality that is not available as a standard option, we can provide customized add-ons upon request.

Parttrap ONE is built to support customizations with  minimum effect on the core product. Customizations are either added to core product and activated via settings or they are kept separated in a “custom project”. During upgrade process to new release the “custom project” is revised and any need of change will be highlighted and notified to customer