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Promotion & Campaign Management

Parttrap® ONE Add-on

Create and manage promotions and campaigns for your products and orders in a simple way!

Flexible selection of products and customers to be included in a campaign. Vouchers and promotion codes can be set up with max usage per user, customer or campaign. Campaign prices can be fixed or reduced / discounted based on customer specific pricing in any currency.

  • Offer line based or order based discounts
  • Adjust prices in site without price adjustments in ERP
  • ”Promotion Price” in basket with link to campaign page
  • Follow up all transactions per campaign
  • Voucher/Promotion code/Open campaign

The module offers two types of features:

Product promotions
Promote selected products and offer fixed or customer specific campaign pricing

Order campaigns
Create Campaigns with pricing based on order total

Product Promotions

  • Include products based on ERP data or product attributes
  • Apply discount % to customers’ standard pricing
  • Deduct fixed amount from customer standard pricing
  • Set a fixed campaign price for all customers