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B2B2X Concept


Offer Distributor Sites within your Site

B2B2X concept allows you to create "distributor sites" within your site. Unique URL, Logo, Assortment and End-User Prices can be set up per distributor. When a B2B2X order is created the End-User will see that Price but the order created in ERP will contain the distributor price, with a textline reference per order line with the End-User price.

Dealer portal video image
  • Help your Distributors have a Site "of their own" where only your products are sold.
  • Each "Distributor Site" can be branded and have a unique URL.
  • Orders placed by end-users can be reviewed and approved by Distributor.
  • Distributor decides if order should be released to you or if they should supply the goods from own warehouse.
  • End-user prices are uploaded in the system per Distributor.