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Century Business Solutions is reinventing the way companies accept credit card payments with their all-in-one payment solution, EBizCharge that integrates seamlessly with over 100+ accounting, ERP, CRM, and shopping cart systems.

EBizCharge is one of the top payment gateway alternatives to its more expensive and inefficient counterparts and is specifically designed to reduce payment processing costs and inefficiencies. The powerful EBizCharge payment gateway is designed to lower processing fees by submitting line-item details directly to the bank. EBizCharge is fully PCI compliant and offers advanced data encryption and tokenization technology to ensure maximum transaction security within Parttrap ONE. EBizCharge is compatible with over 100 leading ERP and accounting systems and major online shopping carts and provides unlimited transaction and batch history for reporting purposes.

The partnership between Century Business Solutions and Parttrap will allow merchants to process payments directly within Parttrap ONE providing new productivity gain, lowering processing fees, and increasing data security.

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