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Clients & cases

Hazel 4D


Hazel 4D is based in Leeds and is the leading provider of packaging products, machinery and custom solutions to large UK companies. They provide innovative products and an overall packaging service with recommendations on how to improve their customers processes, and the consumables used, to bring genuine long-term solutions for their businesses. Hazel 4D work with a range of different kinds of clients including blue chip retail companies with multiple distribution centres, large manufacturers and e-commerce businesses.

Quick facts

Headquarters Leeds, United Kingdom
Business type Supplier
ERP-system Epicor E9
Activated site types B2B eCommerce, Corporate site
Cooperation with Parttrap since 2014
No. of brands
No. of sites 1
No. of markets 1
Site mode Cloud

Hazel4D logo with Extremus Strech Film product image

"Parttrap has delivered an ecommerce platform for Hazel 4D which works smoothly, integrating virtually seamlessly with our ERP system, providing a functional interface which makes ordering easy for our customers, while giving an excellent display of our dynamic ‘Delivering The 4th Dimension’ branding."

Bryan Stutterheim
Technical Consultant, Hazel 4D