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A woman, a girl and a man with trekking gear walking in Swedish nature next to a body of water

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Fenix Outdoor


Fenix ​​Outdoor operates internationally and focuses on products for nature and outdoor life. The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX, Stockholm, Large Cap. Their goal is to be a global player in the development and sale of equipment and clothing for an active outdoor life.

Their Brands business area develops clothing and equipment for active outdoor life and leisure through its own brands Fjällräven, Tierra, Primus, Hanwag, Brunton and Royal Robbins.

The Outdoor Retail Europe business area consists of the Swedish Naturkompaniet, the Finnish Partioaitta, the German Globetrotter and the Danish Friluftsland, which are locally leading players in the sale of products for outdoor life and travel. The total number of stores is 81, of which 36 are located in Sweden, 19 in Finland, 17 in Germany and 10 in Denmark. The companies also conduct sales on the Internet.

Quick facts

Headquarters Solna, Sweden
Business type Manufacturer
ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX
Activated site types B2B eCommerce
Cooperation with Parttrap since 2010
No. of brands 6
No. of sites 12
No. of markets 9
Site mode On-Premise

Product detail page for Keb Jacket in Fenix Outdoor eCommerce portal

Checkout page with products in cart for Fenix Outdoor eCommerce portal

"We've had a long-lasting and rich partnership with Parttrap where we have developed a successful and growing B2B channel together. Knowing how time and cost consuming ERP integrations can be, we are very satisfied that Parttrap ONE offers this to Dynamics AX out of the box."

Lars Hansson
IT Retail Manager, Fenix Outdoor