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Parttrap ONE

The All-in-ONE solution

Parttrap ONE offers everything you need for your online business in ONE solution. Our platform does not only provide powerful CMS, PIM and eCommerce - it's already integrated to your back-end ERP-system as well! Regardless of whether you run a local company or a multi-national enterprise selling via multiple channels, Parttrap ONE will manage your online business and support your growth.

The benefits of ONE solution

Complete end-to-end solution, ready for business. Free trial!

Quick Implementation
Standard Solution based on native integration between PIM, ERP and CMS. No surprises!

Icon of Parttrap rocket and brain
World-Class Functionality
Attract new customers and keep existing.
Scale up as you grow into new markets.

Succeed with ONE solution!

With Parttrap ONE, we have introduced a completely new approach to advanced B2B eCommerce. Re-use everything you have built in your ERP system, add the enrichment needed to support the purchase decision and provide the business information and customer service your customers require in real-time! The best part - it is all configurable standard functionality delivered out-of-the-box and packaged in ONE solution. 

Do you..

..want to offer access to your site(s) to customers registered in your ERP (B2B)?
..want to offer access to your site(s) to the general public (B2C)?
..want to offer access to your site(s) to your customers´ customers (B2B2X)?
..want to manage your eCommerce site(s) and corporate website in the same platform?
..have an old eCommerce platform and need to replace with a more modern solution?
..have customers demanding an eCommerce site to place their orders across multiple devices?
..have customers with unique pricing and a need to display customer specific pricing and products from ERP?
..have customers with a need to place orders 24 hours a day, track shipping status and view historical orders?
..need to free up Customer Service and Sales for more value added tasks for customers than placing orders?
..need to store and provide access to product sales material for your distributors?
..need an integrated PIM to manage product information?
..have customers that need to order products, get spec sheets, installation guides and documents on demand?
..need to display exploded views to assist in identifying the correct spare part with ability to order directly from the view?
..want to provide your customer with reliable real-time data from your ERP?
..want an eCommerce solution that doesn't require a developer to manage and maintain the site?
..have complex products that require guidance and/or configuration wizards?

Parttrap ONE is a platform for you!

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