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Parttrap® ONE

Everything you need for B2B eCommerce in ONE solution

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A Single-Stack solution

Parttrap® ONE is a Single-Stack platform, which means that everything you need for a successful B2B eCommerce & Digital Transformation project is included in the product. The platform out-of-the box comes with:

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Real-time integration with your ERP
  • PIM (Product Information Management)
  • Rich B2B eCommerce features

 Advantages of a Single-Stack solution:

»No need for multiple vendors and costly integrations between applications

»Development, implementation, support and training under one roof

»Fast implementation process, upgrades & return on investment (ROI)

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advantages of an all-in-one solution

More than "Just eCommerce"
A window into the ERP-system

Parttrap ONE is built to support both internal (eg customer support & sales) and external users (customers). All communication with customers concerning products or transactions often requires business information such as net prices, availability in stock, order status or terms. These are examples of information contained in the ERP system that is often difficult for a salesperson and impossible for a customer to access. Parttrap ONE makes this information available around the clock.

Internal users:

  • Get an overview of customer status - Log in as the customer and see customer-specific prices, orders and invoices
  • Place order on behalg of the customer
  • Gathering point for Product Information and Marketing Material from your ERP and Parttrap PIM
  • Set up an unlimited number of users at no extra license cost
  • User-friendly interface

External users

  • Self-service 24/7. See order status, invoices, customer-specific prices, stock balance, delivery times
  • Share shopping lists internally
  • Gathering point for Product Information and Marketing Material
  • Find the product you are looking for with the help of user-friendly filtering / guidance


Key Features in Parttrap® ONE

Managed in one Environment

  • Set up powerful eCommerce portals for your distributors/dealers to place orders (B2B)
  • Provide your distributors/dealers with their own branded eCommerce site (B2B2X)
  • Allow non logged in users to place orders (B2C/D2C)
  • Setup your corporate homepage

Spare Parts Management

Guide the user to the correct spare part via exploded views displaying unique customer pricing, stock availability and delivery time. Combine 2D views with interactive SVG and 3D models for user-friendly part identification and ordering.

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3D Configurators & Wizards

Guide the customer in selecting the correct products/product variants using configurations with real-time product visualizations, including 3D models, showrooms and more.

Flexible deployment

Deployed in Microsoft Azure with real-time integration to your ERP installed On-Prem or in the Cloud.

Personalized Pricing & Promotions

Always display correct customer pricing, discount and quantity breaks. Create promotion and campaigns for specific customers and/or users.


Manage multiple sales companies, markets, brands, languages and currencies. Add new markets using a centralized approach, but keep the flexibility to adapt to market specific requirements like product assortment, payment options, freight options and more.

Log in on behalf of customer

Allows Sales reps and Customer Service to log in as a specific customer, place orders, view orders, access invoices, unique customer pricing and promotions.

Self-service reporting 24/7

Customer has access to Invoice details, order status/tracking, order history, account management, delivery addresses, product availability and downloadable product information.

Payment & Freight

Integration with EBizCharge and other payment solutions. Set up online rating of freight cost via FedEx, UPS or other forwarders or freight calculation based on your settings in the ERP-system.