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Everything you need for B2B eCommerce in ONE solution

No need for multiple vendors


Enrich your Products with data


Powerful features to sell your products online


Create eCommerce sites with a great user experience


Use all relevant data from your ERP

Benefits of an All-in-ONE B2B eCommerce platform

No need for multiple vendors

Standard Solution based on native integration between PIM, ERP and CMS

Quick Implementation

A complete end-to-end solution, already integrated to your ERP, ready for business instantly

Single point of contact

Feature development, implementation, support and training all under one roof

A platform created for multiple users

Investing in and selecting an eCommerce solution is a big project involving multiple internal users with different roles and goals. Parttrap ONE is built to support all parts of your company involved in successful digital sales processes. Whether it's sales, marketing, IT-department, customer service or admin, Parttrap ONE has features for all! Increase sales, attract new customers, provide better customer service and finally, a great experiece for your customers.

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Platform highlights for different users

B2B eCommerce sales benefits

Sales team

A B2B eCommerce site is a great service for your exsisting customers and also a competitive advantage when attracting new ones and creating more sales opportunities. It's also a powerful tool for the sales team to locate information, a sales rep can navigate the site to find a specific product and all the information related to it – from product specs and size options, to the customer’s contracted price.

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Highlights for your sales team

  • Customer specific pricing & assortment
  • Product selection wizards & configurators
  • Easily find product and customer information
  • Increase aftermarket sales, cross-selling and up-selling
  • Volume Purchase & bulk discounts, campaigns & promotions
  • Integrated order process (Order placed in ERP in real time)
  • Build deeper customer relationships and pursue new business


Parttrap ONE will support you in reaching your marketing goals. Whether it's increasing revenue or brand awareness, the platform offers features to support your marketing strategies. Set up template based landing pages for campaigns, target content for different user, coordinate global marketing, work with SEO and analyze traffic.

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Highlights for marketing

  • Create landing pages for campaigns fast using templates
  • Connect to analytics tools such as google analytics, google tag manager, hotjar etc
  • Control on-page SEO, including on-page tags
  • Easy translation of all content
  • Create personalized content based on user type
  • Centralized management of multiple sites/marketing content
  • Target different audiences with unique layouts and designs, including images, content and promotions.
B2B eCommerce marketing benefits
B2B eCommerce IT manager benefits

IT Manager

Supporting your company's business goals with a solid infrastructure and integrated solutions can be made easier. By implementing a platform with one single point of integration that is built on standard technology and offers on-prem as well as cloud deployment, you can focus on more value added tasks than integrations between applications.

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No need for multiple vendors and costly integrations

  • PIM, CMS, eCommerce and real time ERP-integration in ONE platform
  • Parttrap handles the implementation, reduces internal efforts to a minimum
  • Simple upgrade process when your ERP is upgraded
  • Can be deployed On-Premise, hosted or in the cloud
  • Microsoft based/Standard technique
  • Well documented routines for how to monitor the system
  • Notification emails sent out if the system identifies any abnormalities

Customer service

A B2B eCommerce site provides a great opportunity for your organization to improve its customer service by giving access to self-service features for account, order, history and tracking information. This will free up time for customer service so they can focus on actual customer service functions.

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Highlights for customer service

  • Self service: Allow users to track shipping status and view historical orders online 24/7
  • Claims, returns and quotation management
  • Real-Time Stock balance and pricing available online
  • Simple setup of new users
  • Spend more time on value added services than on standard questions
  • Get quick access to customer specific business data such as order status, invoice payment status and pricing
B2B eCommerce customer service benefits
B2B eCommerce platform admin

Super user/Admin

As a Super user or Administrator, it can be challenging to balance the central versus local approach to product data and other content. When multiple markets and/or brands are involved in the same platform, a solid security system is key. With a concept of role based privileges and logical isolation between entities, Parttrap ONE can handle the complexity.

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We help you help your colleagues!

  • Great support team and documentation
  • Possible to configure and customize
  • Build responsive pages using drag & drop
  • Centralized management of multiple sites
  • Powerful tools for product data enrichment
  • Simultaneous management of several online stores through one admin
  • Role based access to features for efficient and secure team work

Your customer

B2B buyers today prefer a digitalized and streamlined purchasing experience, with easy access to data such as historical purchases, delivery details and rich product data. Parttrap ONE enables you to provide your customers with the right tools at their disposal at anytime, anyplace and across multiple devices.

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Highlights for your customers

  • Order from anywhere in a powerful B2B eCommerce portal
  • Get access to relevant information 24/7
  • Access to product sheets, useful documents & instruction videos at any time
  • Save shopping lists, favorite items and quickshop for fast order entry
  • Save new shipping addresses for future ordering
  • Get acess to order history and shipment tracking with a click
  • Get correct pricing, freight cost and confirmed delivery time instantly.
B2B eCommerce customer benefits

Do you..

..want to offer access to your site(s) to customers registered in your ERP (B2B)?
..want to offer access to your site(s) to the general public (B2C)?
..want to offer access to your site(s) to your customers´ customers (B2B2X)?
..want to manage your eCommerce site(s) and corporate website in the same platform?
..have an old eCommerce platform and need to replace with a more modern solution?
..have customers demanding an eCommerce site to place their orders across multiple devices?
..have customers with unique pricing and a need to display customer specific pricing and products from ERP?
..have customers with a need to place orders 24 hours a day, track shipping status and view historical orders?
..need to free up Customer Service and Sales for more value added tasks for customers than placing orders?
..need to store and provide access to product sales material for your distributors?
..need an integrated PIM to manage product information?
..have customers that need to order products, get spec sheets, installation guides and documents on demand?
..need to display exploded views to assist in identifying the correct spare part with ability to order directly from the view?
..want to provide your customer with reliable real-time data from your ERP?
..want an eCommerce solution that doesn't require a developer to manage and maintain the site?
..have complex products that require guidance and/or configuration wizards?

Parttrap ONE is a platform for you!

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