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Create and manage promotions and campaigns

for your orders and products!

An easy way to create product promotions and order campaigns for your B2B eCommerce site!

Promote selected products and offer fixed or customer specific campaign pricing or create Campaigns with pricing based on order.

Flexible selection of products and customers to be included in a campaign. Vouchers and promotion codes can be set up with max usage per user, customer or campaign. Campaign prices can be fixed or reduced / discounted based on customer specific pricing in any currency.

  • Offer line based or order based discounts
  • Adjust prices in site without price adjustments in ERP
  • ”Promotion Price” in basket with link to campaign page
  • Follow up all transactions per campaign
  • Voucher/Promotion code/Open campaign

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Product promotions

  • Include products based on ERP data or product attributes
  • Apply discount % to customers’ standard pricing

Order campaigns

  • Deduct amount from total order
  • Apply discount % to total order
  • Optional configurable minimum order total
  • Manage back-end logic for the applied discount