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PIM - Product Information Management

Tools to tell your product story

A centralized approach to product data

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According to recent research, the main reason for abandoned carts is insufficient product data needed for a purchase decision. Parttrap® ONE provides you with a powerful PIM system where you may link, enrich and distribute ALL of your product information.

PIM Highlights in Parttrap® ONE

  • Enrich your product data
  • Display product assortment based on user
  • Create product relations
  • Provide a powerful product search
  • Guide users step-by-step with filter panels
  • Seamless interaction with your ERP

Enrich your product data

Your customers expect updated, rich and reliable product data on your site. Parttrap® ONE lets you add texts, images, technical attributes, documents, media files and other content to simplify product selection and support the purchasing decision.

Search and filtering

Make it easy to find the correct product

The ability to search, find and select a product is vital for any eCommerce site. In Parttrap® ONE, any product related content can be used to find the correct product, use product attributes for searching and filtering. You can easily build filter panels which guide the user through the selection process. In many cases, the product you are looking for can be available in many different variants or configurations, guide the user using the step-by-step to select the best alternative.

Build product relations

In many situations, it is useful to set up relations between products. For example, you may bundle multiple items as a kit, you may want to suggest suitable accessories or replacements, or you need to specify the correct spare parts to a certain product. In some cases, this can be done in the ERP system, if not, Parttrap® ONE provides the tools. The platform also offers the ability to create so called Virtual Products that represent variants of a product. For example, apparel, shoes or any other product available in multiple colors, sizes or other attributes/dimensions can easily be managed using the built-in tools.

Product assortment

Display Product Assortment based on user

The product assortment you plan to display or sell via your web site may differ depending on market, customer or user type. For example, you may sell certain products to visitors / B2C users and you may offer a completely different assortment for registered B2B users. Parttrap® ONE makes it easy to define product assortment and all search features on the site will automatically adapt to the available assortment.


ERP Product data

Utilize the product data from your ERP in the site

Parttrap® ONE works seamlessly with your ERP system, providing enriched and structured product information and related business data to the CMS system. In addition, the Web API provides means for any external system to access the data as well.