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We know B2B eCommerce!

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Enabling successful digital sales processes since 1994!

We are equal parts business folks and technology geeks who understand and have a passion for both worlds and are convinced that the balance between them is what makes our products great. We’re a tight team with solid experience from international business and software development and we’re driven by the idea of simplifying the selection, presentation and ordering of complex products online.

By combining international business knowledge in the distributing and manufacturing vertical with software development we create innovative digital solutions, providing our customers with tools and the know-how to accelerate their online business.

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Enabling successful digital sales processes within and between companies

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Either direct or via certified partners - we provide our customers with tools and the know-how to grow their online business.

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A complete software platform for product data management, online business and sales channel collaboration. Professional services that ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and long mutually rewarding relationships.

Meet our experts

Tomas Landquist


Sales contact Australia / NZ

Bob Kimmefors

VP of Professional Services

Sales contact Europe

Ove Tengberg

Head of Sales

Sales contact EMEA

Portrait of a smiling man with gray hair wearing a gray suit

Chris Robinson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Sales contact North America

We're always looking for new talents, every digital hero is welcome!

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