Omni-channel Enablers

Today, most B2B buyers start their product research online via various sites and devices. What they really want is support for their entire buying journey rather than isolated touchpoints. With a B2B eCommerce platform that supports omni-channel effectively, organizations can deliver a unique buying experience for each user, optimized around their unique job function or preferences.

Gartner predicts that by 2018, 70% of eCommerce will move from B2C and B2B models to models that focus on the individual customer experience. In addition to true personalization, the Parttrap® ONE platform enables your organization to deliver omni-channel experience to your customers via the connectors listed below.



Landing pages for campaigns or promotions can easily be set up in Parttrap® ONE. When planning an email marketing campaign, use these landing pages and distribute the links via email.

By providing a unique IDs in the links, we can identify the individual accessing the site and log the actions for follow up.


Embedded 3rd party solutions

There are plenty of 3rd party solutions available for embedding, such as online chat solutions, product rating solutions or different types of viewers.

Adding page script for plug-ins or embedding solutions via iFrames can easily be done thanks to our standardized platform.


Marketplace Connectors

In case you want to market or sell your products via external sales portals, Parttrap® ONE can manage the distribution of the required data in the correct format.

Contact us for more information regarding available formats.

Punch-Out and Roundtrip solutions

In a B2B scenario, some buyers prefer to initiate the purchase in their own purchasing system, but get access to product information like price and delivery time from the eCommerce site, so called Punch-Out.

Yet, other buyers may prefer to allocate the products via the eCommerce site and then take a round-trip via their purchasing system to generate PO number and actually submit the order after that.

We support many different scenarios for Punch-Out and Round-Trips. Please contact us for a discussion.

Printed Product Catalogs (InDesign)

Use Parttrap® ONE as the data repository for printed catalogs. Extract product information including high resolution images in a structured way for populating catalog pages in catalog design applications like Adobe InDesign. 


Parttrap® Web API

Parttrap® API (Application Programming Interface) utilizes ASP.NET Web API framework to offer a range of clients including browsers and mobile devices to access data or methods within Parttrap® ONE. 

This is an ideal way to interact with Parttrap® ONE from external applications.



InStore Kiosk

Interact with a user or buyer in a physical location such as a store, showroom or event. The kiosk site uses a micro site that can easily be set up with specific assortment, pricing, content and design.

Campaign Management

Manage all your campaigns and Promotions in Parttrap ONE Campaign module. Supports vouchers and promotion codes. Use ERP data and/or Attributes to select products or customers included in the campaign. Supports campaigns based on deduction or % discount.

The Campaign module offers two type of campaigns:
• Order campaigns - Create campaigns based on order discount or deduction
• Product campaigns - Create campaigns based on product discount or deduction


Customized Connectors

There are many standard Connectors available for the Parttrap® ONE platform to choose from. However, in case you need a specific feature or functionality to enrich your customers' Omni-channel experience that is not available as a standard option, we can provide customized Connectors upon request.