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eCommerce for Manufacturing companies

Why it’s important & what to think about when selecting a platform

Just as B2C eCommerce changed the face of retail, manufacturing companies adopting a B2B eCommerce strategy have a lot to gain when it comes to winning market share and meeting the requirements of their customers to build long term and profitable relationships.

Parttrap ONE highlights for manufacturing companies

  • eCommerce platform developed for manufacturers
  • Support for multiple brands, markets and sales companies
  • Scalable solution - simple roll out to new markets
  • Self service for your customers 24/7
  • Collaboration Tools for Resellers and Dealers
  • Integrated PIM to build and distribute your product data
  • Support for configurable products, sales kits and spare parts
  • Product Line Planning, Product Development, Supplier Instructions
Illustration of Parttrap ONE B2B eCommerce sales process

A common excuse used by manufacturers for not joining the digital transformation trend is the perceived complexity of their products and sales processes.

The general opinion has been that sales of complex products require complex sales processes and human interaction. This would mean that scaling the business always requires the same scaling of specialists and key personnel with constant bottle necks and slow response time when quoting and delivering.

The good news is that technology today provides convenient web based solutions that can be available 24/7. Customers are not only ready for the switch to online research, selection and ordering - they prefer online!

Parttrap can provide the tools you need to scale up your business without scaling up your work force, thus increasing your margins.

A better research & purchasing experience

Manufacturing B2B buyers today prefer a digitalized and streamlined purchasing experience with features such as:

  • Online Order Entry
  • Product Configuration & Quoting
  • Access to detailed Order History
  • Re-ordering from prevoious orders
  • Automated orders based on demand
  • Real-time status of orders
  • Order shipment tracking
  • Access to invoices and payment information
  • Warranty Claims features
  • Product Data & Price Feeds
  • Custom pricing & terms
  • Customized product assortment

Make sure you choose an Commerce platform that supports these requirements!

What manufacturers need to consider when selecting a B2B eCommerce platform

If you are a global manufacturer expanding into new markets and growing by acquiring new companies you need a scalable solution that can grow with you and that is capable of handling your multi-brand/multi-market structure in one setup.

Below, you find an array of typical topics you need to consider when selecting your online platform:

  • You own the product data - how to organize, maintain and distribute the data?
  • Different user types - create personalized content and UX
  • Globalization & Localization at the same time
  • Connecting different ERP systems to the same online platform
  • Collabration with sales channels
  • Supporting Direct and Indirect sales strategies
  • Supporting different market offerings
  • Speeding up the expansion - streamline the roll-out process
  • Move information and tools closer to your customers
  • Satisfying the marketing department

 Parttrap are specialists in providing solutions for these challenges!

Icon of Parttrap Add on PIM plus

Advanced PIM - Support for Product Development

Parttrap® PIM+ is an Add-On Module that extends the functionality of the standard PIM system to include features specifically designed to support manufaturers.   

  • Product Development
  • Supplier Instructions
  • Document Version Management
  • BOM Management & Pre Calculation
  • Product Line Planning
  • Extended Product Data Management
  • Product Data Feeds

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