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Headless CMS & Commerce

Parttrap ONE

Headless CMS & Parttrap ONE

  • Frontend totally decoupled from Parttrap CMS. CMS handles data, frontend layer handles layout & design
  • Access product data, business logic, static content and site navigation from Parttrap ONE via API
  • Possible to serve the same data to different applications (web, native apps, 3d headsets)
  • Easier to integrate data from other data sources into frontend application
  • Future proof. Deliver data to whatever device needed
  • Developer friendly. Build frontend in any framework, like React, Vue etc.
  • Increased possibilities for caching data for improved performance, load times etc.

Headless CMS

Headless CMS

A headless approach to building web applications is becoming increasingly popular. This architecture enables better user experiences, gives developers great flexibility to innovate, and helps site owners future-proof their builds by allowing them to refresh the design without re-implementing the whole CMS.


Why do we offer Headless CMS as an option?

In addition to the built-in CMS system, Parttrap ONE offers the option to use Headless CMS to build the entire front-end using the tools of your choice.

While Parttrap ONE is a Single Stack Solution, containing all the tools you need to set up great eCommerce sites, Corporate Homepage or Brand Sites, some companies prefer to use external resources to build a custom front-end using other tools.
To support these initiatives, Parttrap ONE gives you two alternatives in one platform. Use the built-in CMS or use any other technology to build your User Experience.

Even if you decide to go for Headless CMS, you can still make use of all product data, business logic, static content, site navigation and security features via the API provided by Parttrap ONE.

Illustration of Parttrap Headless CMS robot holding its head in its arms
Screenshot of snickers workwears home page build with headless cms

snickersworkwear.com built with headless technology

Check out one of the websites built in Parttrap ONE and headless here!