Parttrap® ERP Adapter

Enterprise Resource Planning Adapter

A two-way interaction with your business data is vital for any professional B2B eCommerce solution.

Instead of developing a costly custom integration, you can utilize a certified, supported, high performance ERP adapter from Parttrap.

Available Adapters out of the box:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Epicor ERP & iScala READ MORE

Other ERP systems can be connected using Parttrap smart ERP Mapping Tool.

Real-time integration

The benefit of real-time integration is that vital business data such as customer terms, stock availability or order status is always reliable. This is the key to make your customers willing to use the site.

For example: When a user has placed an order online, Parttrap® ERP Adapter inserts the orders immediately so that stock becomes allocated in the warehouse.

All orders in the ERP system can be viewed online regardless of whether they have been placed online or manually in the ERP system.

A sophisticated technology makes sure that the integration offers high performance without putting any load on the ERP database.

This is one of Parttrap ONEs Omni-channel enablers. We offer more functions as add-ons that enables you to give your customers an Omni-channel experience.




Ready to Go

Parttrap® ONE comes with several pre-configured ERP Adapters for leading ERP systems as well as a tool to modify the integration or to configure completely new integrations.

Among other ERP systems, Parttrap® ERP Adapter is certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV and Epicor ERP.

Multiple ERP systems or Companies

Parttrap® ONE supports connection to multiple sales companies within an ERP system, different versions of the same ERP system or even different ERP systems  at the same time.

This means that one single installation of Parttrap® ONE can handle very complex setups, including multi-market and multi-company scenarios.

Another benefit using this capability is that Parttrap® ONE can handle migrations between two ERP systems or upgrades without any downtime.


Configurable mapping

Since many organizations modify the ERP system by adding tables or fields in the ERP database, there is a need for a flexible integration.

Parttrap® ERP Adapter includes a mapping tool that enables you to add custom tables or fields and also perform logical operations on the data. This data can then be used for selection, filtering or display in Parttrap® ONE.

Deployment Modes

Parttrap® ONE can be integrated to your ERP system in 3 different ways (modes):