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eCommerce for Distributing companies

Why it’s important & what to think about when selecting a platform

Just as B2C eCommerce changed the face of retail, distributing companies adopting a B2B eCommerce strategy have a lot to gain when it comes to winning market share and meeting the requirements of their customers to build long term and profitable relationships.

Parttrap ONE highlights for distributing companies

  • eCommerce platform developed for distributors
  • Support for multiple brands
  • Support for Direct & Indirect Sales
  • Self service for your customers 24/7
  • Collaboration Tools for Dealers
  • Integrated PIM to build and distribute your product data
  • Support for configurable products, sales kits and spare parts
  • Import features for product feeds from suppliers
Illustration of Parttrap ONE Real time ERP integration

The digital transformation for Distributors means using the competence and building tools and processes to become a relevant link between manufacturers and dealers / end-customers.

While the digital transformation can be seen as a threat to distributors, there are many potential business opportunities for companies utilizing the possibilities. The ability to add value to the supply chain is vital to become successful as a distributor. 

Parttrap can provide the tools you need to become successful in managing the digital interaction between upstream and downstream players in the value chain.