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Digital Transformation

It's happening now!

Staying ahead of the game

Your customers and competitors are online. Are you? If you plan to be on the leading edge of the digital transformation of today’s business and consider investing in a modern eCommerce platform, Parttrap® ONE is your solution. With Real-time business data, world-class user experience and features to support your key offerings, Parttrap® ONE lets you stay ahead of the game.

Parttrap® ONE highlights for Digital transformation

  • Move products, information and tools closer to your customers
  • Create, manage and distribute your product data with ease
  • Manage direct and indirect sales via one single platform
  • Collaborate with your sales channels online
  • Enjoy native real-time integration to your ERP system
  • Integrate all your sales companies into the same portal
  • Handle sales of complex products and offerings via 2D or 3D
  • Use our API and Headless approach for flexibility and low TCO
Illustration of Parttrap ONE accelerate your online business

Today’s B2B buyers want and expect the same eCommerce experience they are receiving on B2C channels. B2B buyers are still proactive, but instead of pouring through catalogs and making phone calls, they turn to search engines and manufacturer web sites.
B2B buyers in today’s world value being independent and having the right tools at their disposal anytime, anyplace and across multiple devices. As a vendor, you want to make sure that you can provide the premium service and simple access your customers demand so you can stay ahead of the competition. Choosing the right eCommerce solution for your business is vital in doing so.

Take the first step as a B2B company
towards the digital transformation

Digital Transformation is a mental as well as a technical process taking place right now. You will either become a leader, follow the stream or do nothing. The future of your business depends on the choices you make and the cost of doing nothing is very high.

Make sure to protect your competitive advantages with tools that not only support, but accelerate you business model. A standardized configurable platform for quick implementation, with the flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs is a great start!

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