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Cloud ERP eCommerce

The benefits and what to consider when selecting a platform

The benefits of Cloud ERP

There is a rapid change in the attitude regarding cloud based ERP amongst larger organizations the last couple of years. In many cases, this is the result of more aggressive offerings from the ERP vendors with reduced maintenance fees and attractive upgrade campaigns. The challenges to recruit and keep skilled IT personnel and the increasing security threats are other reasons for this switch. For an ERP vendor, this is the optimal strategy. The ability to monitor performance and quickly deploy hotfixes increases the perceived service level and lowers the cost for keeping the customers happy. It is also a fantastic opportunity to take care of the revenue for installation and upgrades from the partner network.

Cloud ERP & Parttrap ONE

  • Extracts relevant data in real-time
  • Highest security standards
  • Create orders and customers via API
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Selecting an eCommerce platform for Cloud ERP

One important aspect of moving to the cloud is the limited possibilities to access the ERP data from external applications like eCommerce platforms. In a multi-tenant setup, you share servers and databases with other companies. This means that extraction of data via replication or direct database queries may be restricted. The eCommerce platform you have been using may not fulfill the security criteria set up by the hosting policies, Therefore, make sure to check compliance with your eCommerce vendor before moving to the cloud.

Modern ERP systems offer REST API for access to ERP data (read) and methods (write). This is the common way of moving data between the ERP system and the eCommerce platform. For a B2B eCommerce platform, you need to extract all sales related data like products, customers, customer terms, orders, invoices, prices, availability and a lot of code tables. You will also need the ability to create orders and potentially customers in the ERP system via API.

Parttrap will assist you with the best possible solution for reading from and writing to your ERP system in real-time using the latest technology and the highest security standards.

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