eCommerce & Customer service

Parttrap® ONE is a complete platform for your online sales. Powerful product search, rich product presentation and efficient order entry simplifies for your customers to make business with you. Online customer service available 24/7 with order status, pricing and stock availability improves your service level and reduces the load on your service desk. Parttrap® ONE supports many different business models like B2B, B2C and includes everything you need to set up an advanced homepage with support for multiple markets and languages.

Accelerate your Online Business

Speed up the decision process by moving information, knowledge and tools closer to your customer.

Increase conversion rate by providing reliable real-time data from your ERP system, rich content and a world-class user experience.

Support for complex products, aftermarket sales and value added services makes your eCommerce solution complete and will result in more business as well as lower cost.

Make Life Easy

Full integration to your ERP system ensures updated business data for your customers and reduces maintenance work to a minimum.

All relevant customer data, product information and settings from your ERP system is honored in Parttrap® ONE so there is no need for any additional work.

Utilize the built-in adaptive content and presentation engine to personalize the user experience using one single shared layout.


Scalability for your growth

Parttrap® ONE is a scalable platform, designed to support expanding organizations. A single instance of Parttrap® ONE can handle multiple sales companies, markets, brands, languages and currencies.

Add new markets using a centralized approach, but keep the flexibility to adapt to market specific requirements like product assortment, payment options, freight options and more.

This is one of Parttrap ONEs Omni-channel enablers. We offer more functions as add-ons that enables you to give your customers an Omni-channel experience.




Improve and simplify your sales processes

Extended business models for your sales channels and advanced features for your sales staff will introduce new ways to attract partners and support your sales organization.

Guided product selection, efficient order entry and advanced customer service will improve your customer relationship and attract new customers.



Multiple Payment and Freight Options

Depending on whether your customer is a registered customer in the ERP-system or a visitor / new customer, Parttrap ONE can offer different payment options including invoice or different card options.
Online rating of freight cost via FedEx, UPS or other forwarders or freight calculation based on your settings in the ERP system can be set up in Parttrap Studio.


Integrated Corporate Homepage

Parttrap ONE can be used as a stand-alone B2B site for registered users or an open site for visitors / B2C customers or a combination. Today, most B2B sites are open to visitors and web crawlers providing detailed product information with or without price and stock availability to attract new customers and partners. As soon as you decide to open up your site, it is a good idea to integrate your corporate homepage. The CMS features of Parttrap ONE supports setup of a modern responsive homepage as a part of your eCommerce sites.



Online Customer Service

Your customers expect premium service 24/7. Parttrap ONE offers order tracking, order history, invoice details, pricing, availability details and downloadable product information around the clock. This will improve your customer satisfaction and will reduce the load on your manual service desk.